Zaman Textile Mills extended its presence into weaving in 2009. Its continuous expansion is owed to its success and customer satisfaction. Now it has 500 of the latest air-jet looms, including jacquard and dobby, with the ability to produce more than 85 million meters of fabric annually of varying widths and flexibility, producing all kinds of greige fabric.

ZTML uses high-quality yarn produced at its own mill as well as imported yarn for woven fabrics extensively used for garments and home textile products. ZTM’s decades worth of experience and continuous vertical integration offers cost-effectiveness and superior quality to its valued customers.


Warp Tying Machine Count
Warp Tying Staubli (France) 7 Machine

Sizing Machine Count
Karl Mayer Rotal (Italy) 3 Machine
Wrapping Machines Count
Karl Mayer Sectional Warping (Italy) 1 Machine
Karl Mayer Direct Warping Computerized (Italy) 6 Machines

Jacquards Count
Staubli (France) 42
Bonas (Belgium) 6

Design Studio
• EAT (Design Scope Company)

Looms Count
Picanol Omni Plus Summum CAM Motion Air Jet Looms 296 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus Summum Dobby Air Jet Looms 22 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus I Dobby Air Jet Looms 4 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus I CAM Motion Air Jet Looms 72 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus I Smart Shed Air Jet Looms 04 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus Jacquard Air Jet Looms 22 Machines
Picanol Omni Plus 800 Jacquard Air Jet Looms 02 Machines
Dornier Jacquard Air Jet Looms 18 Machines