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Zaman Textile Mills (Pvt) ltd has 24288 Spindles producing over 18 million pounds of quality yarn annually on state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Zaman Textile Mills (Pvt) ltd is one of the few textile mills in Pakistan producing 100% Cotton, Polyester, Viscose Blended with Each Other. Further Product Categories are Heather grey, Mélange yarn, White-Black & Multi Snow Effect, Injection Slub / Space Dyed, Slub yarn, zero twist, Core-spun Lycra yarn, Siro, Pc Siro/chain yarn, Organic Yarn, Compact yarn & Pile yarn In Weaving & Knitting Also. Zaman Textile Mills (Pvt) ltd offers a wide range of yam NE 07 Single to NE 40 Single & also 2 ply yarns.

We are certified by Oekotex Appendix 6 Product Class 1.

We use Pak Cotton as well BCI Cotton, Sustainable Cotton (Primark) and imported Cotton USA, Giza / Egyptian, Turkman, Indian , Brazilian & Argentina.

Mélange Yarn

Ztml is proud to be develop mélange yarn manufacturing and has won the trust of buyers allover the world ,this has been achieved for the quality promised and delivered , Zaman Shade Card has more than 450 shades to offer , An Extensive library , comprising of more than 5000 shades is also maintained , Zaman has the capability to develop any additional shade on request .