Product Development

Zaman greatly values R&D. Being a leader of the rapidly-evolving fashion industry, we work towards new developments, keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront. Our product development team does exactly that, with the help of our world class technology. The bit loom expedites processes with precision, enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors by investing in R&D and being ahead market trends. The bit loom allows us to extensively innovate through reduction of sampling costs and sampling time compared to traditional sampling methods, where the minimum sample requirements are 50 Meters.

These machines can produce finished fabric of 18x2 inches in a maximum 8 colours in just 4 to 5 hours, depending on the type of weave. The machine offers a versatile count of yarn, ranging from 4\2 to 100\1 yarn counts and also a variety of different kinds of yarns such as Fancy, denier, lycra, cotton, linen and mouline yarns

Machinery Details

Bit Loom is a multi-functional machine producing a variety of woven samples, including industrial fabrics, upholstery and apparel. This machine caters to every detail in sampling, delivering smooth performance at high-speeds with increased efficiency and sustainability.

Sr.No Model# Machine Name Manufactured By Remarks
1 SW550 Mini Warper CCI Taiwan 9 Colors in Warp / Warp length 3 meter
2 SS600 Single-end Sizing Machine CCI Taiwan Single-end Cone to Cone Sizing
3 Evergreen 500 II Sampling Loom CCI Taiwan Dobby 20 Frames - Can create fabric of 18 x 2 meters

These machines are able to produce Finished fabric width 18 inches and length 2 meters Maximum 8 Colors electronic weft selection device and 9 Colors in Warp. 20 Heald frames (1 & 2 heald frames are for leno & selvedges) Choice of yarn count is versatile, we can use 4\2 to 100\1 yarn counts and different kinds of yarns eg. Fancy, deiner (50 to 300), lycra, cotton, linen and mouline yarns. Time taken to create one sample is approximately 4 to 5 hours and can vary depending on type of weave. Electronically Controlled.