Zaman Textile has a rich history established decades ago by Premier Group. Zaman Textile has a lot to be proud of. From dressing wounds to mending sails on fishing boats, from dinner table to dressing table spun cottons,have from times immemorial, served humanity in more ways than any other fiber.
ZAMAN is fully compliant with best manufacturing practices and has successfully catered the demands of the customers by meeting their expectations and delivering quality on time.
ZAMAN has a philosophy to achieve excellence right from the fields, selecting the best quality of cotton and storing in a clean environment . The raw cotton is then converted in expertly designed temperature controlled factories using fastest machinery with watchful in-process inspection.
Premier Group
Premier Group, in the 42nd years since inception is aunique
collection of reputable companies engaged in distribution,
trading manufacturing & marketing.
Shield Corporation ltd.
An ISO 9001-14001 certified public limited company. SHIELD is
for protection - This is precisely what this company does and
does it in style. SHIELD products-toothbrushes and toothpastes
protect teeth and gums. The Blessings and Baby-care products
range protects and soothe the baby.
Pharmevo pvt ltd.
The long awaited addition to the Premier Group portfolio of
subsidary companies. Within five years of commissioning
PharmEvo has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. PharmEvo
products are exported to Srilanka, Myanmar, Vietnam,
Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya and Guatemala.